Agencja reklamowa – strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360

Multiwash becomes Mooveno

Recently, we have been working very hard on the rebranding of the Multiwash brand, which, while expanding its offer with new possibilities, needed to change so that it is no longer associated only with car washes. In addition to access to over 700 certified and standardized hand car washes, the Multiwash offer has expanded to include the possibility of charging vehicles, checking their condition, as well as paying for highway trips and parking in public places.


Quite understandably, the Multiwash brand was associated only with car washes, which is why Mooveno was created, combining the previously available MultiWash, as well as MultiCharge, MultiCheck, MultiPark and MultiToll.

Our agency – JM Publicity – is behind the entire rebranding, apart from creating the new logo that was previously created. As part of the cooperation with Multiwash, in addition to consultations and advice on rebranding, we also took care of the “production” part of new materials in the field of printed materials, as well as in the digital, video and animation sphere.

Rebranding – new keyvisual, i.e. the concept of a city plan

The first step was to prepare a new keyvisual, which, according to our concept, was to refer in a modern way to the city map where the new Mooveno services appear.

Icons illustrating all application functionalities were also an integral part of the project.

We have designed many materials based on keyvisual, such as: presentations, walls and roll-ups for trade fairs and conferences, leaflets, packaging and other gadgets, as well as materials for social media.

keyvisual mooveno

New website

As part of the rebranding and change of Multiwash to Mooveno, we also designed a new website, which was to combine old and new application functions. The service’s recipients are companies, both small ones with several cars in their fleet, and large corporations.


During the design process, we focused on the mobile first principle, so that the website was designed not only for desktop and laptop monitors, but primarily with mobile devices in mind.

Multiwash zmienia się w mooveno

Mobile app

As the functionalities change, the mobile application also had to change, and we prepared, among others, graphics and animations for onboarding presenting new functions in the application.

Our cooperation does not end there. We are still cooperating and creating new materials related to the rebranding and communication of the Mooveno brand, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the facts, more about them in the next entry.

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360