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The importance of Real Time Marketing in brand promotion

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Creativity cannot be crushed

In the so-called “modern times”, the Internet and social media reign supreme. Whether we like it or not, this is the way it is and it will be difficult to reverse this trend, or rather we should expect it to continue. This applies not only to our everyday habits and activities, but also to marketing activities, for which social media and the Internet are becoming an increasingly important channel, which forces marketers not only to have knowledge about this world, but also to be dynamic in their actions and be very flexible in their response. to constantly changing trends and competition activities.

I was inspired to write this article by Samsung’s brilliant and very quick response to the controversial advertising of the new iPad Pro created by Apple. The marketing war between Apple and Samsung has been going on for a long time, and in my opinion, this time Samsung is winning it unquestionably. You will see both ads in the article.

Learn practical tips and tricks on the importance of Real Time Marketing in promoting your brand

Real Time Marketing (RTM) is an approach that enables companies to engage with current events and trends to increase visibility and interaction with consumers. Below I present the importance of Real Time Marketing in promoting a brand and how to use it effectively. Let’s start with the latest activity of Apple and Samsung…

1. Apple’s controversial ad and Samsung’s creative response

As I have already mentioned, the inspiration to write the article was Samsung’s brilliant response to the controversial Apple ad promoting the latest iPad Pro. What was the Apple ad about? The creators’ intention was probably to show the power of the new iPad Pro and its capabilities to replace traditional instruments, cameras and other “creative tools” and encapsulate their power in one, ultra-thin modern tool.

However, the implementation of this idea turned out to be very controversial because all the mentioned musical instruments, camera lenses, paints, vinyl records and a whole lot of other things are crushed by a hydraulic press, resulting in the creation of the new iPad Pro. By the way, it is worth mentioning that Apple used the social media trend of ASMR in advertising, i.e. the use of sound stimuli that influence the body’s reactions. The destructive power of the hydraulic press did not escape the attention of musicians, creators and artists who highly criticized this spot. British actor Hugh Grant spoke on the matter, saying that this ad was destroying the “human experience”.

Many fans, and even followers of the Apple brand, did not hide their outrage at the completely inaccurate emphasis on modern technology over live instruments and other “creative tools” that are still so important to Creators.

Below you can see the above, and then a few sentences about the phenomenal response.

Creative Real Time Marketing by Samsung

You didn’t have to wait long for Samsung’s response, only a week. What should be appreciated even more is the fact that the ad is not only a great substantive response to the Apple spot, but is also brilliantly produced, which in such a short time, in my opinion, deserves great respect for the creators.

The video perfectly refers to the Apple spot. We see shattered instruments, and a lady walks through this “post-apocalyptic” scenery, grabbing a damaged, out-of-tune guitar and starting to play it, taking notes, as if otherwise, from a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablet. The spot ends with an eloquent slogan: “Creativity cannot be crushed”, which clearly complements the message of what Samsung thinks about the Apple spot, as if someone hadn’t guessed it before.

2. What is Real Time Marketing?

Real Time Marketing, true to its name, is about quickly reacting to current events, trends and situations in order to create personalized, engaging and often humorous marketing content. The goal of RTM is to immediately leverage trending topics to amplify your marketing message and increase audience engagement. These are marketing activities whose importance is constantly growing as society increases its use of social media. Today, information has an extremely short lifespan and to use it in your activities you must act quickly and flexibly.

3. Why is Real Time Marketing important?

Increasing brand visibility

Reacting to current events and trends helps a brand stand out from the crowd. Consumers appreciate brands that are up to date with what is happening and can quickly adapt their messages to current realities.

Increasing engagement

Real Time Marketing creates the opportunity to interact with consumers in the context of events that already arouse their interest. This in turn leads to higher engagement, more shares and comments.

Building the image of a modern brand

Companies that effectively use RTM are perceived as modern, dynamic and sensitive to the environment. This builds a positive image of the brand as constantly responding to the changing needs and expectations of consumers.

Increasing sales

With increased engagement and visibility, Real Time Marketing can lead to increased sales. Effectively conducted RTM campaigns can directly influence consumer purchasing decisions.

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4. How to Use Real Time Marketing Effectively?

Monitoring trends

Constant monitoring of social media, news and trends is the basis of effective RTM. Data analysis and internet monitoring tools can help you quickly spot important topics.

Quick reaction

A key element of RTM is response speed. Brands must be ready to quickly create and publish content that relates to current events. The creative team should be on full alert to respond immediately to emerging opportunities.


Real Time Marketing requires creativity and the ability to create engaging content that will attract the attention of your audience. Humor, relevant comments and an original approach can significantly increase the effectiveness of an RTM campaign.

Adaptation to the audience

It is important that messages are tailored to the specificity of the target group. Content should be relevant to your audience and consistent with your brand values.

Trends in social media

Taking advantage of popular trends, for example on TikTok, is becoming more and more popular among companies and marketers. In fact, it probably results in a higher number of views, which is due to TikTok’s algorithms, but does it really create the right image of the brand? Many people are able to do a lot for reach. They do not wonder whether these actions depreciate the brand’s value. Remember, using trends in social media can bring you benefits, but only if you do it wisely and the trend actually fits your brand and fits into it. By using trends forcibly, you put your brand to a severe test.

5. Examples of Successful Real Time Marketing Campaigns

Samsung vs. Apple

The case described at the beginning of the article is the latest example of well-executed Real Time Marketing and a response to the controversial Apple advertising at its best.

Oreos Super Bowl

One of the most famous examples of Real Time Marketing is the Oreo campaign during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout. The company quickly published a graphic with the slogan “You can still dunk in the dark”, which was met with great interest and positive reception.

KFC black friday

In Poland, KFC quickly responded to the global popularity of “Black Friday” by offering special promotions and engaging content, which attracted many customers.

6. Summary

Real Time Marketing is a powerful branding tool that allows you to immediately use current events to increase engagement and visibility. Quick response, creativity and the ability to monitor trends are key elements of an effective RTM strategy. Brands that can effectively use Real Time Marketing gain a competitive advantage and build a stronger, more modern image in the eyes of consumers.

Use the potential of Real Time Marketing to make your brand always up to date and in the center of attention.

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360