Agencja reklamowa – strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360

We create strong brands through video materials

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Films, spots, animations and streaming

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Then one video is worth a million. This form of content presentation is the most engaging and attention-grabbing.

We prepare films, spots, animations and streaming for our clients, including materials for platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

We can also broadcast the event live or record it and then edit the report.

Examples of implementations can be found on our YouTube channel.

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In the field of animated materials, we create simple animations, explainer videos and event setting, elements of websites, mobile applications and presentations.

Video recordings and editing

Our team can prepare a concept, a script, plan and conduct the recording, and then assemble the material with proper post-production.

Filmy, spoty, animacje i streamingi

Our approach

1. Consultation and concept

We start working on video materials with a detailed consultation, during which the needs, goals and expectations regarding the video materials we are to create are discussed. Based on the collected information, together with the client, we determine the concept and message we want to show through the videos.

2. Script and storyboard

Our scriptwriters prepare a script and, if necessary, a storyboard, which will constitute the basis for the production of video materials or animations. We ensure that every detail is carefully refined so that the final effect meets customer expectations and stands out from the competition.

3. Video production

Our team produces materials in accordance with the agreed plan and concept. We use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure high image and sound quality. In our productions, we focus on creating engaging content that will attract viewers’ attention and strengthen the bond with the brand. We write more about the importance of content, not just form, HERE.

4. Editing, animation and post-production

After completing the recordings, we start editing, animating and post-production of the materials. Our team will meticulously refine each element of the film, adding effects, graphics, animations and sound to obtain a final product that meets customer expectations.

5. Optimization and distribution

After completing the video production, we optimize the materials for various platforms, such as: television, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. We also adapt the video to mobile formats to ensure its optimal display on all devices. We also help in planning distribution strategies to reach the largest possible target group.

6. Monitoring and analysis

If necessary, we regularly monitor the performance of our videos and analyze their effectiveness. Thanks to this, we will be able to adjust our activities based on the collected data and maximize their impact on the achieved goals.

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360