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Key aspects of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure

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With the dynamic development of electric vehicle (EV) technology, the demand for charging infrastructure is also growing. In this context, the marketing of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is becoming an increasingly important element of the development strategy of this sector.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles are competing with each other to promote them, it is increasingly difficult to get a combustion car in showrooms, and EU guidelines mean that this trend will become stronger and stronger. We can already see more and more cars with green license plates on the streets of Polish cities, but are there more and more charging stations? Are they even there? Or maybe these stations exist, but drivers don’t necessarily know about it? What does marketing look like in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market? Or maybe rather, what it should be like and what is most important about it…

In this article, we will look at the key aspects of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and why they are important for the further development of the electric vehicle market.

Key aspects of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure

What are the key aspects of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure?

1. Definition of the target group

There’s probably something to it that I usually start most of my articles on good marketing practices from this point. Without a doubt, this is a key issue and who you want to talk to should determine what and how you will tell him… In the case of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the challenge is even greater, because apart from various groups of electric car owners, we also deal with on the one hand, it is a relatively new category, and on the other hand, it seems to be the only one for the future.

Therefore, it is not enough to fight for current owners and drivers, both private and institutional, with your marketing activities. It is not enough to prepare an offer for single-family houses, fleets of company vehicles or courier companies, which are increasingly using electric delivery vans.

You need to go a step further and conduct marketing activities in such a way as to encourage as many groups as possible to purchase these electric vehicles in one way or another. These are also your potential customers, even though they do not have an electric car yet, and you should not forget about this group.

2. Location and availability

If you have your own house or apartment block and you only use an electric car in the city, charging is not a major problem. Even more so if you invest in a wallbox for your garage. However, if you live in a block of flats or even worse – an old tenement house, having an electrician may be a challenge, although I have already encountered extension cords sticking out of open windows of apartments in Old Mokotów.

One of the key aspects of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure is to ensure the appropriate location and availability of commercial charging stations and to effectively inform drivers about where these stations are located, in order to, on the one hand, increase charging revenues in the context of current electric car owners and, on the other hand, encourage potential buyers of electric vehicles to purchase, building their awareness that they will have a place to charge their new electric vehicle once they buy it.

Currently, stations are located mainly in strategic points, such as parking lots at shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and large gas stations on highways and expressways, and their availability and knowledge of their existence is crucial for users of electric vehicles.

There are more and more websites and mobile applications appearing on the market that allow you to find charging stations in the area or plan a further route, including charging stops. As a company offering customers electric vehicle charging infrastructure, is it better to have your own application or be present in a larger network? This is a business decision of the owners. The most important thing is to be visible and easy to find by drivers.

3. Charging speed and efficiency

Another important aspect is the speed and efficiency of charging. While charging a vehicle in your own garage is less of a problem because the car is usually plugged in overnight, when charging the vehicle at a commercial charging station, for example while shopping, the charging time plays a much greater role. Users of electric vehicles expect the charging process at commercial stations to be quick and payment for charging to be convenient, which is why it is important that stations enabling quick battery charging are well marked both on maps and applications, as well as in other marketing materials. This may attract a larger group of “impatient” drivers. Promoting fast, high-power charging stations may encourage more people to choose electric vehicles, especially those who have not used electric cars before and for whom charging a vehicle for several hours compared to a 10-minute visit to a gas station sounds abstract.

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4. Safety and reliability

You should also remember that good marketing is not only about advertising and activities aimed at promoting the location of your charging stations. An important aspect of marketing is building a relationship with the customer so that he comes back to you. Therefore, one of the key issues in building user trust is the safety and reliability of charging stations. Stations should be regularly serviced and kept in good technical condition to avoid breakdowns and ensure safe charging conditions. Promoting safe and reliable charging stations can increase user confidence in your EV charging infrastructure, and when you arrive at a station that’s not working or has other problems and customer service isn’t answering… Well, even the best location won’t help… .

5. Technical support and customer service

Here we move smoothly to the next key issue of marketing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This is a relatively new category and industry, so you have to take into account that something will not work. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, the availability of technical support and professional customer service are crucial for users who may encounter problems while charging. Charging stations should be equipped with monitoring systems and offer quick assistance in the event of a failure. Providing high-quality customer service can increase user satisfaction and build a positive brand image. A failure can happen to anyone, but only the best will be able to turn even a failure into success through good communication with the customer.

6. Promotion and education

Effective promotion and education are key to increasing awareness of the availability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Information campaigns, educational materials and the promotion of the ecological and economic benefits of EVs can convince more people to use this form of transport and use the available charging infrastructure.


The marketing of electric vehicle charging infrastructure plays a key role in the development of the EV market. Providing appropriate location and accessibility, charging speed and efficiency, safety and reliability, technical support and customer service, and effective promotion and education are key to increasing the acceptance and use of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Therefore, it is important that charging station operators and government institutions invest in effective marketing strategies that will contribute to the further development of the EV market and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable transport model.

Agencja reklamowa - strony www, aplikacje, video, kampanie 360